Friday, December 5, 2008

My Mom's Daycare

Beside being a housewife, my mother have its own part time work...which is Daycare!! mom has this experiences since year1997~
What is so special bout my mom's daycare is, it has many things to learn for development...not just eating...hahahah =P
Here are some of my mom's daycare informationS :-

My mom's name : Zaleha binti Shariff
Assistants : Kak Jiji, Abg Az n me (only when at home), Kak Ila (retired)
Venue : Subang Impian, Section U10, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Recently care : 7 kids (2 boys, 5 girls)
Range years : 2 months baby > 7 years kid
Kid's home : Neighbourhood with radius 3 km from our house
Days of care : Weekdays and weekends(depend on the kid's parent)
Holiday : When public holiday


Relatives : Aqil Athmar.
Senior(more than 1 year) : Faiq, Fify and Alya.
Junior(new) : Sasha, Shamey, Baby.
Short period : Haikal, Irfan, Danish.

Aqil Athmar (relatives)

The Seniors (Faiq, Fify and Alya)

The Junior (Baby - Nor sazwina)

We also provide them with many activities and also learning module... to ensure they will develop well...hehehe... Alhamdulillah, there is no big tr0uble during care...

The activities and extra module served are as follows :

- Normally, they will watch cartoon and documentary to release tension and learn something new about science and technology, animals, geography and surrounding facts...(thanks to astro for the channel..)heee =P... For those who are available in weekends, they was very special because they can have a joy outside the house... Normally, Faiq and Fify will always get this sweetest moments... they will follows us wherever we go like Sunway Pyramid, Shah Alam, Putrajaya an d National Zoo.

we at National Zoo (Zoo Negara, Kuala Lumpur)...

EATING (b'fast, lunch at 1 p.m and tea time at 5 p.m)
- For breakfast, they will eat bread and for those who bring its own food, they will eat it during breakfast...
- Lunch time, eat rice and been given by Kak Jijie...
- Tea time, normally nugget (fav dish)...sometime, kueh and banana friters~... nyum!!

SLEEPING (2 p.m - 4 p.m)
- This is the moment that very challenging for my mom and us...sleeping all the kids....!!
huh, when all sleeps, my mom are ready to pray and a have lil bit rest~ =D

- This is voluntary action by those kids...they all loves to help my mom...
For me, that is a very special attitude that all kids that we care have...huhuhu =D

Haha...this pic is very funny when Alya tried to hold that basket full of clothes... what a helping hands!~ heee =D


- My mom very2 care bout discipline of those kids... they all must obey several rules such as cannot fights between them and must sleep at time.
- There also a forbidden places that they must not go without permission...such as stairs, kitchen(when cooking activity was held), "bilik belakang" that full of things that might harm them and also outdoors~...

- My mom doesnt like kids that serabai...thus, my mom always care about their personalities and cleanliness before they was send back to their parents hands... =D

That is the one of my story about..."My Mom's DayCare"



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eyezart said...

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