Thursday, August 25, 2011

They Say.. Malaysia

Malaysia is celebrating its 54th of Independence Day this year (2011)..
It's been a long years ago our nation has free from the outsiders who wants to grab our richness sources. And now, Malaysia has stand up and develop to become one of the country with respect and recognizable.
And now I guess, what is the opinion of people from other countries about Malaysia? Then, I came up with the small survey which comprise two questions :

1) What's the first thing you think of when talking about Malaysia?
2) In Malaysia, which is the places you want to visit the most?

And here is their response....

from : Tya ( INDONESIA ) Photobucket

1) I think we have some complicated problem, that caused we have one culture. but I think thats okay.. We all same.
2) I just wanna go to shopping mall there. I dont know what is the name.. hahaha..

from : Inday ( PHILIPPINES ) Photobucket

1) First thing to run on my mind when talking about Malaysia is cuisine food like hainanese chicken rice, satay, sambal, kari ayam and etc. I like malay cuisine because there is no pork only fish and chicken dishes unlike here in Philippines.
2) I think Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak and Sabah (regardless of dispute between your king and our sultan about the Sabah issue) but the most interesting place I would like to visit is Kedah, I want to visit northern Malay territories bordering Thailand.

from : Beau ( THAILAND ) Photobucket

1) For first thing reminds me our southern neighbouring country. For other related things, I think of an awesome multi-cultural society nation, an elder brother of Singapore, a great Islamic state, Malaysian tea, a closest sibling of Indonesia, your homeland's Malay worlds exist in old Thai language or poetic Thai words.
2) I don't really know much about notable attractions but I do merely know hmm.. your modern capital city, beaches that I.... er.. have already forgot its name but it was once voted to be one of the best beach in Asia. For me, I would go to visit KL.

from : Huỳnh ( VIETNAM ) Photobucket

1) Of course the Petronas Twin Tower, I immediately think of it because it resembles the Wats of Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand but a bigger ones its shape and cravings reminds me of the Mount Semeru in India which resides the Hindu gods its absolutely it is Malaysia is onced a hindu country, I watched malay film but more important aspect is when I think of Malaysia always has a twin saying "Onwards Malaysia", in malay "Majulah Malaysia".
2) Sarawak, because I hear there are so many good beaches there, Georgetown, Jalan Petanling or China Town also want to go there. And want to go Sentosa in Singapore..

from : Suji and CLS ( SOUTH KOREA ) Photobucket

1) 보루네오, 쿠알라룸프 (Borneo, Kuala Lumpur)
2) Penang and 쿠알라룸프 (Kuala Lumpur)

from : Chia ( JAPAN ) Photobucket

1) Actually I dont know anything about Malaysia, just heard its beautiful country, good food, people in multi culture. I just heard, but never been there.

from : Rosa ( PORTUGAL ) Photobucket

(translating from Portuguese)
1) I really enjoyed the wonder Twin Towers at night, but in Asia are very common. I was in Taiwan, Japan and Macau.. but, honestly I think that the country could be more open to the consumption of beer. I know it's your culture. I was staying at the Vistana Hotel and meals had no access.
2) Generally, like Kuala Lumpur and have visited Kota Kinabalu. Mallaco (Malacca), loved to visit for its history associated with the Portuguese and most like to visit Perhetian Island, so it reads, Besar Island are wonderful and although far from the Sipadan Island. I like the things in a semi wild.

from : Nicola ( ITALY ) Photobucket

1) Well, the first thing that I think when someone talks about Malaysia is ; Malaysia is FANTASTIC place! Malay people and its culture and history is very fascinating and interesting! Malaysia is a melting pot of different culture and races, and this is very fascinating for me! All my Malay friends are nice person! I Love Malaysia!
2) I'd like to visit the whole Malaysia, one day!

from : Rob ( NETHERLANDS ) Photobucket

1) The nice people I met when I was there.
2) Penang and Langkawi.

Author (MALAYSIA) Photobucket : I would like to say THANK YOU to all my respondent for helping me doing this survey.. I really appreciate it.. and hopefully all of you have a chances to explore more about Malaysia.. In Malaysia, we do love all the countries in this world especially in Asia region... that makes us Truly Asia.. =D
All of the respond above have been edited due to readers suitability and to avoid some of the offended.. =)

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